Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad Details and Features

The #4 Curved Recoil Pad, New Version, Curved Adjustable Recoil Pad with black ABS plastic plates.
Top view. The center screw adjusts drop and rise. The two screws at left and right have a central locking setscrew and a hollow screw that adjusts the pitch by squeezing the foam recoil pad.
About 3/4" Drop.
About 5/8" Rise.
The parts of the pad.
The other side of the parts.
The underside of the assembled pad.
#14 Premium Curved Recoil Pad, Adjustable Recoil Pad with Curved Shoulder Pad and machined aluminum plates.
Again, about 3/4" drop.
Again, about 5/8" Rise.
Notice that the #14 Premium Curved Recoil Pad does not have steps as the plastic one does, so it is infinitely adjustable. The old style aluminum plate did have steps like the plastic one.

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