The Prototype Taig Power Feed

Taig sent me a prototype of their power feed for the Taig lathe.
The unit consists of a gearbox, lead screw and new handwheel assembly for the carriage.

Yes, the drive is via a rubber band. You wouldn't think it would work but I've been unable to get it to slip due to the gear reduction.

The leadscrew coupler is uses a spring. Taig says this is because of variances in the bed.

The power feed mechanism is simple. To feed, just grab the handwheel and hold it. To stop feeding, release it.

The ruler is a quick and easy leadscrew protector. They'll be using a plastic one like that for the rack in the production version.

A smooth finish with a sharp pointed tool.
With a round nose tool and the finest feed you get a shiny finish.
If you want to reverse the feed, cross the rubber band. If it breaks, get another one from your desk.
You can see the block that surrounds the leadscrew.
Inside the block is a worm wheel. If you turn the handwheel, it feeds the carriage manually, using the lead screw as a rack.
Inside the block.
The gearbox mounts to the thin bed dovetail.
Yes, that spring is springy.
Two washers were used as shims between the gearbox and lead screw.
The output shaft has a flat for the setscrew.
Removing the gearbox by loosing the clamp screw.
The screw spreads the aluminum block against the bed dovetail.
The block removed.
The input pulley is held with a setscrew.

The gearbox opened up. The reduction is:

  • input shaft>small gear
  • small gear>big gear/small gear compound
  • big gear/small gear compound>big gear/small gear compound
  • big gear/small gear compound>big gear
  • big gear>big gear (reverses rotation)
  • big gear>output shaft
Good thing I took pictures...

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