Nick's 3D Modelling in Rhino

Do you need a 3D model made from a sketch? A rendering of a product or item? A simple animation of a part that still exists in your imagination? Maybe I can help!

I have worked on several projects for companies developing new products. I promise a fast turnaround, good communication and a firm understanding of product design, potential manufactuability and aesthetics. I can go from the vaguest of descriptions to a full rendering.

I work in Rhino for 3D modelling, Flamingo and Penguin for rendering, and Bongo for animation.

If you want to hire me for a short or long term project, email me.


picture of vise
A Drill Press Vise
picture of vise
picture of a gyroscope
A Gyroscope
picture of a gyroscope
A Model Steam Engine
A Whisk
A Toy Train

Customer Testimonials:

I hired Nick to design my new consumer electronics device (not yet on the market). Based on nothing more than a short description and a "napkin sketch", Nick produced a set of 3D renderings that served me very well in my marketing and fund-raising efforts. I found Nick very easy to work with and very accommodating to my requests. He produced exactly what I needed and his price was right.

Ken Berkun, Founder and President LTT

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