Using the Taig Lathe as a Cutoff Saw

A customer prompted me to try something out, using the Taig as a cutoff saw. He needed thin pieces cut from round and square rod. While parting tool would certainly work, the saw allows a thinner cut, especially if you source one from MSC, etc. that is thinner than the stock Taig saw, as well as a truly flat cut where a parting tool can flex a bit if you’re not careful. When setting up the saw and when clamping the work always unplug the motor, the last thing you want is the saw spinning around while your hand is around it.
Unfortunately I didn’t have the Taig 1110 on hand, so I had to use the ER Spindle adapter to chuck a home made saw arbor in the lathe, but the idea is the same. The Vise is mounted directly to the cross slide. I show the 2225 rather than the 1225, but the 1225 is probably what a lathe user has, and will work the same.
I bent up some 3/16” steel rod to make a stop for the work.
An overall view.The carriage is locked. It pays to take the time to align the vise square with the cross slide travel.
Cutting off.
A thin disk cut off.
When clamping work in the vise I move the jaw so that it’s snug, tighten down the moving jaw top screw, then tighten up the clamp screw. Again it’s important that the work be resting square along the bottom of the vise.

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